What is CCLS?

Legal Secretaries, Incorporated has a program for those legal secretaries who would like to improve and sharpen their skills in the legal field.

California Certified Legal Secretary (CCLS) is a designation obtained by taking a one-day comprehensive exam that will test your knowledge of California Legal Procedures, Legal Terminology, Legal Computations, Skills, Ability to Communicate Effectively, Reasoning and Ethics and Law Office Administration. A minimum of two years legal experience is required.

CCLS Certification makes you more valuable in your office, increases your skills, gives you confidence, improves self-esteem, encourages respect, and helps you to achieve greater financial security. This is a great way to show your expertise and skills!! Continuing legal education requirements must be met for recertification

Are you interested in joining the ranks of the Top of the Class? Test dates are held twice a year in March and September.  If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a CCLS, please contact any board member or CCLS!!


Every member should consider taking the CCLS Exam.

Below is a list of suggested reference materials for the CCLS exam:

1. LPI Legal Professional’s Handbook (current edition), The Rutter Group.
2. Law Office Procedures Manual (current edition), The Rutter Group.
3. Legal Secretary’s Reference Guide.
4. CCLS Study Kit.
5. CCLS Study Guide 2018.
6. California Rules of Professional Conduct.
7. California Style Manual (4th edition), West Group.
8. California Rules of Court.
9. The Gregg Reference Manual (10th ed. or later), William A. Sabin.
10. Secretary of State Notary Public Handbook
11. The Legal Assistant’s Guide to Professional Responsibility.
12. Any current book on administrative office policies and procedures.
13. Any current book on the internet and other computer technology.
14. A legal dictionary such as Black’s or Gifi’s Law Dictionary by Barron’s.